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It's Time for you to find your pure Happiness!

For the Woman who is missing something in her life and is ready to take control of her own Happiness!

A Results-Driven Challenge 
to change your Life for good !

The 4 Week Happiness Challenge. A workbook that's  guaranteed to have you feeling empowered to become who you want to be and live the life you want to live.


unsatisfied or bored with life, low energy, uninspired, lack of self-love?


desires, dreams and goals and are ready to live intentionally and enjoy the present?


to start feeling empowered to make a change? 


If you want to figure out in what areas of life you are feeling unhappy or unfulfilled, the challenge will get you the clarity you are looking for.

THIS is for YOU if you want to add joy and adventure to your life and start living the LIFE YOU DESIRE, feeling happy, healthy and your most radiant self.

Image by Noah Blaine Clark

The 4 Week Happiness Challenge Workbook

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Aloha, I'm Alica!

I am the founder and face behind I Do! Coaching.

Let me ask you, what I ask all my clients before working together.


Do you live the life you truly want to live? Feeling joy and happiness, living with purpose and enjoying a bit of adventure in your life?

I am assuming the fact you've landed on my page, it means you don't. 

I help women say I Do! to themselves. I use a variety of methods and techniques to get you let go of limiting beliefs that are holding you back, increase your self-love and confidence, add more joy in to your day to day life and ultimate live the life you desire. 

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