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Grab my FREE 4-WEEK Happiness Challenge Workbook


Let me support you in becoming the happiest, healthiest and most radiant self, feeling empowered to living the life you desire.

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This service is a favorite among many of my clients, as this program really allows us to go deep and uncover any limiting belief you have about living the life you desire, while experiencing wins and results quickly. I use varies tools and techniques to get you inspired about this life changing journey so you can stay on track with your dreams. If feeling self-love is a problem for you, you will learn to accept and respect yourself, start believing in ourself and ditch the self doubt! You will learn to connect with your desires and get very intentional about what you want. Whatever has been holding you back in creating your own happiness, I can help you get through it. Working with me you will have found clarity on what has been missing in your life and realize that there are bigger and better things out there for you. Together we will create action steps that YOU feel inspired about so you can consistently move forward and have a lasting transformation. This program is 4 x 60 minute sessions with email support and 50% off any additional Single Coaching Sessions there after, if aquired.

Are you ready to say "I DO" to creating the life you are yearning?

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Let's get you looking and feeling your best, so you can shine with confidence and reach all your life's dreams. 

This program is divided into two sessions. My job during our first 100 minute session is to give you the tools and techniques you will need to achieve your ideal weight so you can feel and look your best. Together we will figure out what will work for YOU to get closer to your goal. You will have an action plan that you will feel inspire about, so that you know you can follow through. 

After a couple weeks we will meet up for another 40 minute session to see your progress and make sure you will stay on track. You will be sent an updated road-map to success.

***As much as I think that your body appearance does not shape your worth, I do offer this program as it helps many women feel confident and develop self-love. Seeing how strong you can get mentally and physically and simply feeling good about yourself is the most important thing in reaching any life goal. Losing weight, feeling more energized and simply happier is just the beginning of a more fulfilling life.

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Not sure how many coaching session you need? No problem!

Get in touch with me today so we can customize a package that works for you. I can provide anything from a single one-on-one to as many as you desire. Let's chat soon so you can start transforming your life.

Gift It!

Have a friend, sister, colleague or anyone else who you think could benefit from a session with me? This would be a great gift for anyone dear to your heart!

Question? Need support? Simply want to talk?

Book a free 30 minute consultation talk with me over your favorite warm beverage to find out how I can support you in turning your dream into reality. Don't know what your dream is? No problem, I can help you figure it out. 


When I met Alica I was going through a lot and knew I had to make changes in my life. I needed help with my mental and physical health. I didn't want to feel stressed or anxious anymore about all the things not going well in my life and I am so glad I reached out to Alica for help. I started working with Alica, also because I wanted to feel more confident in my own body while making changes to my day to day living. I could see and feel results almost right away once working with her. Her coaching, focused on personal growth, mindset, and self-love, helped me change my perspective and taught me not only to believe in myself but to take action on living a more fulfilling life. From there on, it all fell into place. I experienced huge mental shifts which have helped with me with my life goals, within my relationships and career.

​I love that she also incorporates nutrition into the coaching. Changing my diet has made me feel more energized and ultimately, happier. Alica has a wonderful personality and motivates and supports you while holding you accountable. She is simply the best! My goal was to make positive changes so I could I cannot recommend her enough.



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