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I help you turn your wedding stress into pure wedding bliss.



And I am thrilled you are here!

Fully-certified life coach and NLP practitioner since 2020, I’ve been successfully coaching brides to turn their wedding stress into pure excitement. If you are feeling overwhelmed by planning your own wedding and everything that comes with it such as self-doubt, anxiety or body-image/weight struggles, my services will help reduce those negative emotions, minimize stress, and make you feel at ease on your journey to the big day of your dreams. 

Your wedding day will be one of your most important days in your life but most brides are so stressed with all the planning, anxious about how the day will turn out or unhappy the way they look in their dress. My mission is it to stop the anxiety and start the fun! Every bride deserves to enjoy not just their wedding day but the process leading up to it. 

Bridal Shoes

Taylor Swift

"Happiness and confidence are the prettiest things you can wear on your wedding day."



First off, congratulations! You got engaged to the man of your dreams. You must be over the moon and I am truly so happy for you. Cheers to that!

But now what? Do you feel like with all the planning you cannot enjoy each other and the engagement phase? 

If you are a bride to be and: 

  • Don’t know where to start to plan your dream wedding and need guidance

  • Have already started planning but feel completely overwhelmed

  • Are struggling to accept your body the way it is and are anxious about wearing a wedding dress

  • Can't handle outside pressure and drama from family and friends

  • Don’t feel like you deserve his love

  • Want to do adapt healthier habits so you can gain more energy and overall feel your best leading up to the big day

  • The wedding is your motivation to lose the weight you've been wanting to lose for so long

Then I can help you:

  • Get a good idea of what you want and get started

  • Prioritize what is important to you

  • Feel organized and stay on track

  • Turn stress into excitement

  • Feel calm and at ease

  • Enjoy the wedding planning process

  • Work on accepting and loving your body to feel irresistible on your wedding day and for all the days to come

  • Gain confidence and be your authentic self

  • Learn to adapt healthy habits through nutritious plant-based food, mindset work and movement to feel energized and vibrant 

  • Feel like the wedding goddess you dreamt of being since you were a little child  


Question? Need support? Simply want to talk?

Book a free 30 minute consultation talk with me over your favorite warm beverage to find out how I can support you in turning the stressful journey to your big day into pure excitement.